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  • Rut is an wonderful photographer, my engagement and wedding photos are amazing.. Rut capture every special moment of our special. She is not just any regular photographer, Rut is a natural and her photography talent is beyond word to describe.. It was a pleasure working with Rut, she is very easy going and like to please her clients as much as she can.. I highly recommend her photography service..
  • Rut should be anyone’s top pick for photographer — call early so you can book her. Rut is the BEST KEPT SECRET in the Manhattan area…for now! I’ll give details so you can decide based on my experience:

1. ARTISTRY: Rut has an exceptional eye for light. She composed pictures beautifully and naturally, and used varying exposures to make me (the bride) look more beautiful that I ever imagined I could look! She also has a natural talent for movement and capturing natural expressions — my family was thrilled to see the photos!
2. THE HUMBLE PRICE: Rut is definitely a deal. Before she gets too busy, book her now. She charges way less than the prissy manhattan photographers, and delivers better photos with nicer service and better terms. Many of my married friends regretted not finding her earlier once they saw my photos, and one actually hired Rut to do her anniversary photos later that month!
3. HER SWEET NATURE: Rut is a sincerely warm and generous person and a pleasure to be around. She also knows how to blend with the crowd and not impose. My husband did not even remember her capturing most of the shots she did of him — and he looks terrific and relaxed with me and his friends and family!
4. HER QUICK TURNAROUND and FAIR TERMS: You get to keep all high-res photos and you get them within a few weeks of the wedding. This was amazing!!! A sneak peak was even available a week after the wedding. Also, she was always early and stayed late, never missing a moment of the events!

In sum, please please take my advice and book this woman before she becomes so popular that her schedule closes up. She is an amazingly calm and kind presence for every bride to have around her, and her incredibly beautiful photos and professional service are world-class. A true find!!!!


  • Her work is amazing. She truly captures every moment And every detail that you can’t even think of. She makes sure that every picture is a memory of that special day. Every time I look at my wedding album and look at each picture I know exactly what was going on at that very moment and it replays in my mind. She is an amazing photographer and you will be satisfied with the end result.
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